A simple game to
optimize your home.

This is sooo fun. Has me running around the building this morning and I love it! Love the confetti too. :D

Alice, Inglewood

I've done over 400 audits and this is way simpler. All the key insights without all the hassle!

Marco Carello, NRCan Certified Energy Auditor

Unlock discounts and rebates
with a free self-assessment.

Gain deeper insight on the energy efficiency of
your home by answering 20 questions.

If you need upgrades, our app gives group buying
power to you and your neighbors. Our products
are carefully vetted, cost effective and cutting-edge.

Thanks for your

Become an active part of your community.

Review products and obtain community discounts. Be a hero optimizing your whole neighbourhood; one click at a time.

Demonstrate your
commitment to
being efficient.

Discover tricks you can do to to save
energy and brag about key actions.

Canadians Building Solutions™

Play a game to better know your home and save money.
End utility bill frustration by following simple steps.
It's the Canadian way to make the world better eh.

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